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What is a wallpaper?

Wallpaper is an image, pattern or a picture on where you can put as a background in a wall, in your phone, in desktop, or you can use as an outer layer of an inner image. It is used to fully beautify the main picture. A wallpaper is either a plain image, color, or an abstract. Use a wallpaper to decorate a simple picture and make it an elegant image. Imagine a picture in HD form or in a High Definition. That would make any form of image being sophisticated.


How can we contribute?

First of all, we are group of people who gather and created this website to share the collection of HD images to you, for free. You can download those images and enjoy looking at it either in your phone, in desktop or put in your project. In this website, you can find some articles that maybe can help you decide what would be the good background, or you can shoot us a message and ask questions about HD wallpapers and we’ll be happy to assist and answer your questions.